Brown trout caught after greasing fly line leader

Greased Line Fly Fishing

If you’re not greasing your leader/tippet, or don’t know the process, or don’t know what grease is, you need to read this article. It’ll help you catch more fish and have more fun on the river.

Pocket water fly fishing tactics and techniques

Pocket Water Fly Fishing

This article is based on my successes fly fishing pocket water–one of my favorite types of water in a river system. I’ll explain what it is, where to find it, the right seasons, and the best flies for catching trout.

the best flow rates for successful fly fishing

Fly Fishing Flow Rates (cfs)

The majority of rivers in the nation have their flows tracked by the USGS, and can be found online. Learning how to analyze flow rates will greatly improve your success while fly fishing.

How to wade safely while fly fishing rivers

How to wade safely

Rivers are dangerous, and it’s vital that you learn risks associated with fishing quickly flowing water. In this article I give you 19 tips to improve your safety, and I include some stories about my experiences.

How to fly fish muddy water and spring runoff

Fly Fishing Muddy Waters

Heavy rains and spring runoff can result in what fly guides call “chocolate milk” water. It looks unfishable, but I’ve put together some tips to help you focus your efforts during these difficult periods.

How to hire a fly guide

How to Hire a Fly Fishing Guide

Hiring a fly fishing guide can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. I’ve hired plenty of guides and will explain the entire process, from booking to fishing, and everything in between.

joe humphreys live the stream movie review

"Live The Stream" Review

“Live the Stream” is a documentary prominently featuring Joe Humphreys who is the most well-known fly angler in history. I’ve watched it twice, and will give you my thoughts in this review.

CDC feathers and fly patterns explained

CDC Explained

You’ve probably heard the acronym “CDC” many times in fly fishing circles. I’ll explain to you exactly what it is (hint: special feathers), and how they can help you have success on the water.

Paretos law 80-20 rule in fly fishing

The Fly Fishing 80/20 Rule

This is my theory on how Pareto’s Law (the 80/20 rule) relates to everyday fly fishing, based upon my extensive time on the water. It may be slightly controversial, but I think you can handle it.

How to successfully fly fish during the winter season

Winter Fly Angling Tips

Winter can be a brutal season for fly anglers, but I’ve discovered how to have productive days on the water. Not every time, but often. My focus is on dry flies, but I go over nymphing as well.