Passion is such an overused word. Instead, I’ll say I’m very enthusiastic about fly fishing.

Fortunately, I’m able to get out onto the water around 80-100 times per year, and no I’m not a guide. Around half of those outings are for 6-9 hours, and yet I constantly find myself wondering how the sun could already be heading below the horizon. Time flies on the river.

Fly fishing is an endlessly enjoyable activity that can’t be mastered, and that’s part of why it’s so appealing to me. You have the opportunity to learn something new every time you hit the river.

Speaking of learning, the below picture (taken with my iPhone on a tripod) was snapped immediately following an epiphany on the water. I’ll always remember what that rainbow taught me.

Sipping Mayflies author

I really enjoy exploring new waters, and I’m big on questioning conventional fly fishing wisdom.

Let me describe to you a recent outing, and it’ll help illustrate another reason why I’m a dedicated fly angler.

It was late fall and I was finishing up an exciting day of fishing. I had the entire river to myself, and it was peacefully quiet. The sun had just dipped below the mountaintop, and I heard coyotes begin howling in the distance. Trout were rising in front of me, taking small mayflies on the surface. I heard a branch snap and watched as a doe began sipping water a short distance from me.

Moments like that remind me of an Anthony Hopkins movie quote: “It fills me with such a deep, quiet satisfaction that I thank God.”