Tips and techniques for fly fishing in the rain

Fly Fishing in the Rain

Did you know that before, during, and after the rain can be some of the most productive fly fishing periods? I’ll explain what to watch for, proper techniques, and the right fly patterns.

Mice in trout stomach

Mousing for Brown Trout

“Mousing” is the riveting act of chasing monster brown trout using a mouse fly pattern. I’ll explain to you why it takes place at night, the most productive techniques, and the only fly pattern you’ll ever need.

Fly fishing techniques for the BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area)

Fly Fishing the BWCA

I’ll explain to you the most productive techniques I’ve found for fly fishing the BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area) on the northern border of Minnesota. Northern pike and smallmouth bass abound!

Rainbow trout caught fly fishing near ice

Best Ice Fishing Flies

Yes, you can ice fish with fly patterns, and if you’re hardcore you can even use a short 6-foot fly rod. But, regardless of your rod, these flies always work well under the ice.

Fly angling on the middle fork of the american river

MF American River Tips

I’ve fished the Middle Fork of the American river many times, and have caught many fish there. I’ll explain the techniques that work, the best fly patterns, and interesting stories of what I’ve seen.

Fly line cleaning and dressing technique

Cleaning Your Fly Line

Most anglers I know don’t clean their fly line very often. In the past, I rarely did. I’ll explain exactly why it’s vital that you clean your fly line regularly, as well as signs that you need new line.

Fly casting after a long hike into the wilderness

Hiking with your Fly Rod

Some of the best fly fishing is found in remote areas that require a hike of several miles. I’ll show you several methods for securely packing your fly rod for these types of treks through the wilderness.

Prominent red spots on a brown trout (salmo trutta)

Red Spotted Brown Trout

Brown trout patterns are like fingerprints, no two are alike. Some have only black spots, some black and red, and some even have blue spotting. This article is dedicated to covering red-spotted browns.

Picture of trout teeth used to catch and eat salamanders

Do Trout Eat Salamanders?

Trout are opportunistic predators, and their diet does include amphibians. In this article I explain the species of salamander trout consume, at what stages, and where they can be found.

Picture of a river frog that may be eaten by a trout

Do trout eat frogs?

Trout, especially rainbows and browns, will relish the chance to eat frogs. In this article I explain the species of frogs (and tadpoles) trout consume, at what stages, and where they can be found.